streaming research

twitch planning

chat emotes: i use 7tv for chat emotes mainly (800+), but i have a handful of emotes from bttv. i would say 7tv is the standard for twitch emotes, but bttv, frankerfacez are alternatves

streamer groups im a member of: monster girls, rogue energy

my ad schedule: prerolls and no midrolls. this will make it harder to aquire new viewers (new viewers are more likely to click off because of the ad), but it makes the viewing experience for regulars and long term viewers (watch for multiple hours) more enjoyable because there are no interuptions

tax return guide: if you make over 600 dollars (?) in revenue from streaming you need to report it on your tax return

youtube planning

video editting: i used obs to record and davinci resolve to edit the videos

covers: i use fl studio to record my music

video settings: language settings, tags, titles, category and game

thumbnails: i use canva to make my thumbnails


editted videos - asmr, covers, reviews, guides

3d model - ****** and ******

website (this site!)

snotball *** ***** game

snotball ****** ***** game (within website)

create ***** synth with my *****

note: some projects are secret or partially confidential! ( = w =)/

streaming resources

fl studio

davinci resolve

helpful videos


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