all of the artists that created my assets are listed below. please check them out and consider commissioning them as well!

small flower patch gif model credits small flower patch gif

2.0 L2D Model Art: Vita

2.0 L2D Model Rigging: Emi

1.0 L2D Model Art: Soir

1.0 L2D Model Rigging: LadyInfel

small flower patch gif asset credits small flower patch gif

Follower Emotes (Love, Happy, Stare, Sad): Kirisame

Follower Emote (Bab): Rhiz

Sub Emote (Ramble): Shikyoken

Sub Emote (Cat): Mama Rose VT

Sub Emotes (Angry, Disgust, Headpat, Shy, Lurk, Laugh): Mori

Sub Emote (Bocchi, Bocch, Wat): Chan Sama

Sub Emote (Cheer, Jam, Wave): ShiraOu

1st Logo: Starnus

2nd Logo: Chuaturyy

Room Background: Scar

Twitter and Twitch PFP: Energybite

PNG: Chelsea

twitter banner: aeyochi

Badges: Scrimsart

Overlays and Panels: Sony

small flower patch gif website credits small flower patch gif

all of the resources i used to create this website are listed below.

pixel-soup cutegif

fonts: novov

cursors: cursors-4u

website backgrounds: studio ghibli scans spirited away imgur scans

current website counter: fc2counter

previous website counter: free website hit counter

current website guestbook:

old website guestbook: 123guestbook

website button maker: webbuttonmaker

website status post: Status Cafe

index song 1, hedgehog's dilemma - shiro sagisu (from neon genesis evangelion): hedgehog's dilemma

index song 2, confessio - yuki kajiura (from puella magi madoka magica): confessio

index song 3, white - frank ocean: white

index song 4, sands of blood - masayoshi soken (from ffxiv): sands of blood

about me page song 1, 2000 - vowl: 2000

about me page song 2, monster - lady gaga: monster

about me page song 3, shes my collar - gorillaz: shes my collar

about me page song 4, miniskirt - aoa: miniskirt

journal borders:

journal calendar: calendar-muryou

journal clock: timeanddate

journal moon phase tracker: wdisseny

living room page song 1, out of touch - daryl hall and john oates: out of touch

living room page song 2, captain jack (short mix) - captain jack: captain jack

living room page song 3, boat - kamaitachi no yoru 2 ost: boat

gradient background, cssgradient: cssgradient

html and css guides: mdn w3schools

small flower patch gif // this website is coded by hand with lots of love ( = w =) // small flower patch gif