this is my personal journal where i hoard resource and information - sections include my main records, my busy work, and some random tools

main records

personal link directory - links i like, helpful, random, intriguing

research - my personal research

archive - storing pictures or info for later use

opennote - my repository of random notes

diary - logging my ramblings, absent thoughts, and shitposts (my personal blog is on my kofi)

shrines - a shrine of things im obsessed with

dream journal - a record of some of my dreams

zines - a magazine i am working on (tba)

sneer's busy work
to do list
  • update website - see housekeeping
  • work on stream quality
  • work on stream content - raiding vids, secret projects, asmr, reviews/reacts, creepypasta/csp snot
  • work on music - practice singing, breath exercises, get comfy with flstudio, study music theory
  • improve health - less stress, sleep more, eat more, exercise more
  • study engineering topics for FE exam
  • develop html, css, blender, javascript skills
  • research MLIS requirements, prep, and courses
  • keep on applying to jobs
  • make site more accessible
  • add a bag section under about me
  • make a newsletter - integrate with other socials
  • expand research and archive over time
  • index button popups - sneer desktop companion, neighbors list, minesweeper game, solitare game, featured image display case, snotball poll (in progress)
  • make site more optimized - cut down on useless code, consolidate reused assets, use fileshare when applicable
  • add misc tools to journal - date/time clock, calendar, stream schedule?
  • add stream work area to research
misc tools
date and time
the moon today