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home returns you here, home!

about me a little page about who i am

journal my personal journal - a hoard of information, pictures, and notes

living room the homebase for all sneer and snotball lore, also has a gallery of pictures of me!

credits credits for the website and my vtuber assets are here !

sitemap/links use this to find your way around the site and see all of my outlinks

my socials

twitch nuko cat getting squished by two exclaimation points gif this is where i stream!

twitter this is where i post - stream updates, sayin hi, etc.

discord the homebase for the community, this is where i talk to the snotballs

youtube my stream vods, edited videos, and shorts are here

tiktok i post tiktoks here!

carrd my carrd - a general page for all of my links + my schedule

business email my business email - email if you have any business inquires or important messages

neocities profile my neocities profile - tracks updates to this website + see other websites i like


tips my tip page - feel free to leave a donation if you would like! no worries at all

throne my throne - a digitial wishlist of gifts i would like! all gifts go directly to me or the stream

ko-fi my ko-fi - my personal blog and shitpost feed. you can buy me coffees as tips or purchase monthly memberships to support me

rogue affliate im a rogue affiliate - purchase rogue energy using this link and i get a comission!

my webrings

this Barbie is a slime succubus!

aromatic // lime with jasmine

made by a girl clique logo
nuko cat dancing with hands up gif pink heart gif welcome to my shelter! snotballs and new visitors are always welcome~ pink heart gif nuko cat dancing turned away and butt shakin gif

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name sneerful
nickname sneer
pronouns she/her
height 5'3"
birthday 8/12
fav colors pink, black
likes video games, sweets

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hi. im sneerful, a lvl 1 succubus made of slime

a picture of sneerful the succubus, she has her hands in a rawr position and she has a big smile pulsing heart divider gif

'who are you?'

im a vtuber that streams on twitch! im on a mission to acquire more knowledge, create interesting content, and have fun while doing so. i mainly stream mmos, specifically ffxiv, and occasionally play variety such as rogue likes, farming sims, turn based rpgs, and other games
( = w =)7

'where am i?'

my shelter! this is a shelter for all snotballs. i made this place to let snotballs live, rest, visit, or explore in

'what is a snotball?'

a snotball is a member of my community. since i sneer, i produce snot. as you are connected to me, i am connected to you. our shelter always welcomes new snotballs that wander into the shelter or spawn in. here are some other snotballs:

alien gif alien cat gif alien gif alien cat gif alien ta gif alien xdd gif

snotballs can be identified by their alien-like appearance, slimey texture, varying shades of green, and a silly personality - they have a troublemaking nature by fault of their creator

'what can i do here?'

feel free to look around the site at your lesiure, you can use the left side column to navigate around. below are the shelter's main subpages:

  • - an about me page dedicated toward cataloging my personal interests and random facts
  • - a journal where i record resources, archive materials, and plan future ideas
  • - the living room which houses all lore/info/world building of me and the snotballs
  • - a credits section that lists the artists that created my vtuber assets, as well as the resources used to make this website
  • - a sitemap that lists all subpages within this site

additionally on the left side column is my socials tab - it has a list of my other social media profiles. i post more of my content on these sites

'how can i support you and this site?'

in the left side column there is a donation tab which has info on how to tip me - no donations are necessary, i appreciate any and all support!

watching my twitch stream, interacting with my other social media pages, or viewing this site are all great ways to support me without spending money

'how do i contact you if i have any questions or comments?'

if you have any comments or questions about the site, you can leave them in the guestbook (see site stats box to the right), leave a comment on my neocities profile, or leave a comment in the general chat of my discord.

if you have any general questions about me/my stream/my content, reach out to me in the general chat of my discord or @ me on twitter.

if you need to contact me for anything business related, email my business email or dm me on twitter

final note

i appreciate you taking the time to stop by the shelter, i hope you have a good day ( = w =)/

thank you for visiting!

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playing: ffxiv

reading: html + css + javascript resources, drg opti + dt prep + nin guides

listening: jazz and scenecore

watching: the double

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- this website is my personal page where i catalog my interests and thoughts
- ill also delve into my vtuber/stream content by expanding upon lore, world building, and statistics
- i hope to share my love, knowledge, and passion with visitors through this page ( = w =)

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this site is best viewed in a 1920x945 browser window!

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want to watch video games or chat? im live on twitch at these times:

[tues / weds / thurs / fri]
@ 6 pm pst / 9 pm est

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