living room

welcome in ( = w =)/ this is the main nexus of the shelter - you are welcome to explore or relax here. all info pertaining to sneer and the snotballs is housed here as well!

living room

as you enter the shelter after arriving from the landing dock, the first room you enter is the living room:

inside the living room

you enter into the heart of the shelter. you notice other snotballs mingling around:

resting on the living room coffee table are two books. as you approach the table, the details come into view:

sneer's information codex

sneer's lore

(a page detailing the lore of sneer)

sneer's stats

info about sneer's stats, abilities, traits, and other battle metrics

sneer's gallery

gallery of pictures, art, and references of sneer

snotball compendium vol.1

snot lore

a record of all snotball history

snot stats

info about the stats, abilities, and traits of the snotballs

snot master list

a master list of all snotballs, past and present present

next to the sofa is a radio that is turned off. you notice the radio is old with wear on the buttons. as you approach, the gui comes into view:

// living room radio nuko bunny headbangin gif //
playing x of y
Track Name
Track Artist
explore the snot shelter

as you look around the living room, you notice there are three hallways and a patio door. you wait a moment while you decide where to go:

first floor // hallway 1

kitchen and mess hall - where the snotballs can eat to their hearts content

bathhouse and onsen - a traditional onsen connected to a bathhouse

library - a small library that is connected to the living room, has a few reading desks and wooden bookshelves

basement // hallway 2

training ground - a large dirt training ground in the shelter's underground basement - it is used for training, fighting, and duels

workshop - workshop with many tools and benches, repairs and upgrades for the shelter are done here

second floor // hallway 3

sneer's room - a locked room that belongs to sneer

sleeping quarters - dorm style rooms for the snotballs to live or rest in. some snotballs permanently live at the shelter, while others visit temporarily.

backyard // patio door

garden - grows fresh fruit and vegetables in the backyard of the shelter

fishing dock and beach - a small beach next to the garden in backyard of the shelter, a wooden dock is on the far end of the beach